Friday, August 28, 2009

Good timing!

Well, I was just starting my pick-up after Ty an dJennie left and of course, I stopped to read your blog, Amy. So......... here goes, 1. Jennie putting on her bike helmet and enjoying her new chair...and it looks like I set her there while I went shopping. 2. A photo to make Tyler look like he has an internet vegetable business. Last night we took the bike and bike trailer at sunset to check his aunt and uncle's garden. Rode home with bats flying above me. That part freaked me out, but I didn't let him know.3. The pile that wound up on the couch when I threw things down from upstairs. I enjoy throwing things over the railing to see if they land on the couch. AND Toys to be returned to the basement after the kids left.
4. Oh, that's where the smell is coming from.Time to rinse out the trash can...too lazy to hose it down outside....or excuse is it's sprinkling, nah,too lazy.Emptied the trash,but dirty diapers is the scent that lingers:)
(wonder if Glade is interested?) 5. That's the kitchen when it needs to be picked up. It can go from clean to nonclean in 2 min. 6. These are the vegetables that Tyler lined up before he left. 7. Doesn't everyone have crabby patties on their counter?
8. My basement wall covered with school stuff. Yup, won't part with it. Never know when a kindergarten bus will break down near our house and they need a place to wait:))
And after pictures, forget it. Just picture all the stuff put away!


Grandma said...

darn, wish I had a picture of the colored sprinkles in the tub this a.m. from Jennie's bath last night....remnants of her ice cream cone.

Anonymous said...